Bucket List.


I have found myself greatly vexed over the creation of  my own personal bucket list for the last several months. I haven’t so much had writers’ block as I just haven’t been driven to sort through my most prominent desires. I have found myself asking all of my friends and coworkers lately what they would do if they were to find out that their time here on earth was limited, but I didn’t really have an answer myself. It’s time to actually hash this thing out.

My mind naturally functions better with lists so I’m attempting to keep things separated into categories. Here’s the thing: I want input. If you think I missed something, tell me! Tell me what you want to do before you kick the proverbial bucket! I’m all ears!

Action/Adventure Related:
-Go Zorbing
-Scuba the Great Barrier Reef
Go Paragliding (3-31-16)
Skydive (9-22-13)
-Learn to ride a motorcycle
Hold a koala (5-13-14)
-Ride an overnight passenger train
Spend the night in a ‘haunted’ place (9-21-13)
-Touch a whale
-Drive (legally) on the left side of the road
-Break up a fight

Other People Related:
Fall in love(March 2015)
Have a paint fight(November 2014)
-Inspire someone
-Get hitched
Help a stranger in crisis(3/18/16)
-Have a kid or two
-Save someone’s life
Take a road trip with a virtual stranger (9-22-13)
-Twister + Paint
-Hook a lock onto a bridge
-Murder/mystery dinner
-Attend a Ballet or Opera
Cry with a stranger(3/17/16)
-Pay it forward
-See Adele live
-Join someone who is eating alone in a restaurant

Related Just to ME!:
Run a Half-Marathon (10-26-13)(11-10-13)
-Learn a foreign language to fluency
-Pack a long weekend bag, go to the airport, and pick a flight. Figure out everything else upon arrival.
-Live Abroad
Finish an entire tube of chapstick without losing it (x4)
-Give bone marrow
-Write a book, and submit it to a publisher
-Open my own business
-Complete a Triathlon
Meet someone famous (11-15-13)(Richard Gere)
-Complete a century ride
-Learn to dance(ballroom)

Travel Related:
-See the Aurora Borealis (Iceland)
-Go to the World Cup
-Have a bagel in NYC
Eat a cheese steak in Philly (11-14-13)
-Make a pizza (Italy)
See Uluru (Australia) (2014)
-Pray at the Wailing Wall (Israel)
-Hike the East Coast Trail (Canada)

-Machu Pichu (Peru)
-Ankor Wat (Cambodia)
-Auchwitz (Poland)
-Attend the Running of the Bulls (Spain)
-Hike Mt Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
-Safari (Kenya)
-Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany)
-Haarlem and Tulips (Netherlands)
-Stay with nomads (Kazakhstan)
-See Everest (Nepal)(4/4/16)
-Visit Petra (Jordan)
-New Zealand
India (3/17/16)
-Boznia and Herzegovina
-Russia (so I can wave at Sarah Palin)
-South Africa

Here are some from other people’s lists that I am PROUD to have completed. If I were to accomplish nothing on my list, I have already been blessed to see and do more than a lot of people:

Be Someone’s Mentor
Learn to Legitimately Play a Song on any Musical Instrument
Sleep under the stars
Grow a garden and eat the produce
Spend time at a concentration camp
See a tornado touch ground
Try to make a guard laugh at Buckingham Palace
Go to a drive-in movie theater
See Stonehenge
Take a yoga class
Get a standing ovation
Eat alligator in the Deep South
Be completely out of debt.
Sleep on a Trampoline
Ride a Double Decker Bus 
Set atop the London Eye
Finish a corn maze
Hear Niagara Falls
Hike part of the Appalachians
Kiss the Blarney Stone
Own a cool antique
Take a road trip
Take a spiritual retreat in a cabin
Take an art class
Be in two places at once
Drink a beer in Germany

Visit Washington, D.C.


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