Its Me.


My name is Sara. This is my life as a scatter brained, anything-is-possible, everything-is-better-with-either-cheese-or-chocolate, travel-hungry daydreamer.

I like to cook. Sometimes healthy, sometimes not so much.

I like to create things: sewing, glueing, clipping, snipping, and flipping.

Weird, ridiculous things happen to me.

I read too much period fiction.

I. Am. Loud.

I am happiest when living out of a suitcase.

I have a deaf, 5 year-old, boxer dogchild named Howard.

I sing in the car like I’ve been asked to make a guest appearance with my favorite artists on a stage. Yes. Gestures, false modesty and all.

I run up the stairs like someone is chasing me. Every time.

I really like wine.

My eyebrows are incapable of matching each other. Ever.

I  want to get married, eventually, and have a kid or two. Don’t rush me, though.

I’m one of the only curly haired people I’ve ever met who likes my hair the way it is.


4 responses to “Its Me.

  1. Your WordPress site looks good. Keep tagging things.. I have used wordpress for a little while and yours looks great. One suggestion… at the top on your banner… get rid of… “just another wordpress site” or change it to a catch phrase 🙂 🙂 🙂

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