Travel Crush

I have a travel crush.

His blogger handle is Nomadic Matt.

He’s lived the life (travel wise) that I aspire to live. He accidentally fell in love with travel around the time that I took my first trip to the UK and Ireland with AshBash. Difference? He came back and decided to do travel for real, and that thought didn’t occur to me until the last 6 months.

I have been blog stalking his archives for the last week and I am so intrigued. He has so much quality insight and his self-titled blog is a wealth of both short term and long term travel knowledge:

-Cheap flights
-Air miles
-Choosing hostels
-City guides
-Saving a lot of money in a little time
-Getting free flights fast
-Good travel stories
-Product recommendations
-Books, Books, BOOKS!

I don’t have a crush on this guy in the sense that usually accompanies the word… I just think it would be an incredible experience to tag along on a trip and learn all of his sneaky little travel hacking secrets.

Go take a swim in that pool of knowledge:

Nomadic Matt


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