Tackling Adult Acne: Witch Hazel


Let’s talk about something that makes me uncomfortable.

No, not feelings. I’m not willing to get THAT real with you guys.

I want to talk to you about ACNE.

It’s bad enough when you’re a teen, but 99% of products out there are geared towards that demographic. Problem is, there should be a different approach to skin that is riddled with pubescent hormones and to skin that is long past that window, but still looks like it didn’t have time to shower between gym class and algebra 1.

Confession: I have acne. My skin is just bad genetically and none of the teenie-bopper products with One Direction or Katy Perry on the commercial have any effect (other than to make my cynical body covering cackle like an old, evil witch… with horrible skin).

Exhibit a:

My face is sad because of the acne demons raping and pillaging under its surface. keeping in mind: concealer, foundation and powder are all in play.

My face is sad because of the acne demons raping and pillaging under its surface. keeping in mind: concealer, foundation and powder are all in play.

There are other factors that could be in play here: hygiene, diet and/or genetics. Let’s tackle those. 1) hygiene: I’m clean. I enjoy regular showers and other clean things, involving soap and other amenities. 2) diet: usually pretty good, but sometimes it leaves something to be desired.


Gimme a break. I’m human… and a woman.

So that leaves us genetics. I won’t pretend to be an expert or dermatologist. I have just done a small bit of research and thought that I would share my findings with the internets.

My sister told me during a Skype conversation that someone had recommended witch hazel for her skin care regimen. I did a bit of research and it turns out that the astringent produced from the leaves and bark of this plant have been used medically for centuries, dating back (at least) to the Native Americans.

So, I braved the Christmas crowds to go purchase a bottle, sold in stores next to the rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. I’ve taken most of the products out of my regimen: Proactive, Mary Kay, Neutrogena, and Aveeno. I use pure coconut oil to remove my eye make-up and a mild antibacterial cleanser. I follow that with the witch hazel astringent and a tiny bit of coconut oil as an overnight moisturizer. In the morning, I use the witch hazel again and let my skin rest for a while before applying my cosmetics.


It’s been about a week and I can see a HUGE difference. New occurrences are non-existent. The bits that were already there are healing incredibly quickly. I’m a cheap-o. I am not going to spend hundreds of dollars on products, so this is what is working for me at the moment. If you have grown up pizza face like me, I hope you find success in this!


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