Chasing Ms. Chubby

Okay. So telling the tale of my summer travels took me a bit longer than I anticipated. I’ve been inordinately busy since my return in May, and I must confess that I actually have 8 posts banked in my draft cache. I guess I should get started catching you guys up on my life!

I got back home from my trip on May 21. Shortly following that, in June, I registered for my first half marathon, to be run on 10/26. The plan was to run it with Hannah and Carrie, two lovely therapists that I work with. Unfortunately, I failed to put foot to pavement a single time to train, because it was hot… And I am lazy.

I needed accountability. I needed encouragement. And motivation. I NEEDED motivation. So I joined an organization called Team In Training, which signed me up for a second half-marathon on 11/10. Team in Training is a branch of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, which consists of mostly non-athletes who train for endurance events to raise money for cancer research and to inspire others to do the same.

So, since July, I’ve been training. 5 days a week, mostly. I’ve been working incredibly hard. I’m considering the October race, which lands two weeks before my TNT race, as another training opportunity. As of today, my big race is 5 weeks out and I’m giddy. This is a HUGE thing on my bucket list, and it is something that I never thought myself capable of completing.


I’ve never been a distance runner. Obviously. I have face-planted 4 times, gotten two massive blisters on the medial aspect of the ball of my foot and have currently built up to 10.5 miles. Holy Crap! Sometimes it feels like my lungs are on fire. Sometimes it feels like my shins are going to break in two. And sometimes, when someone tells me to ‘push it’, I have to resist the urge to wheeze out, “what is it that you think I’m doing?!”

I’m 5’4″. 30lbs overweight. Lazy as sin.

If I can do it, so can you!

We have a lot of very experienced runners with us. Some of them are even still pretty after a run. I have no aspirations of joining that club.

Blotchy, Red and sooooo much sweat

Blotchy, Red and sooooo much sweat

So if you have ever considered doing an endurance event, like a marathon, half marathon, century ride or a triathlon you should totally look into this organization. It will definitely change your outlook on things like this, and also the way that you look at yourself.

Love you guys!


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