Crying in the Street, Bratislava, Italian Food in Budapest and a Thrift Store Bar (Day 19)

After we got back to the hotel from the club, I had way too much energy to go to bed… So to be ridiculous, I put on my pajama pants and my weird Russian, decided a shirt was excess, put the day song on my tablet and ran to Dani and K’s room to surprise them with a dance party. We prank called Luce too. You’ve got to make the most of your time with friends, right?

After that, I made them promise to come down for goodbyes in the morning and headed off to bed.

The morning was awful. I was determined not to cry, because I’m not some weepy little daisy. I made it through breakfast and out onto the street. We were outside the coach talking while everyone else loaded up, avoiding any actual goodbyes. I did so well. Hugged Dani, K, Iain, Kylie and Liam. Then someone who I won’t name said something mushy and I lost it. Then D lost it. So here we are standing in the middle of the street in Vienna crying like a bunch of weirdos. It sucked so hard. Have I mentioned that I am one of the UGLIEST criers on the planet? I get all red and blotchy and fluids come from way too many places other than my eyes. It’s like this:


or maybe like this:

Stahp. Rahnn, yer trahmahtizin' meh.

Stahp. Rahnn, yer trahmahtizin’ meh.

I got on the coach and picked a seat as far away from everyone as I could get and pouted (because apparently I AM a weepy, little daisy) for the entire ride to Bratislava, Slovakia. When we disembarked, I was still acting sour and bless Tavis’s heart for putting up with it. I grouched around the incredibly charming and quaint capital city until it was time to leave.

Bratislava is really lovely. In an attempt to overcome the artless, boring society that communism had delivered, the city installed several fantastically quirky statues around the city. They helped me to wiggle my way back to being perky, happy Sara.



Napoleon's Army

Napoleon’s Army

Schone Naci, who was a real man in Bratislava. Poor and mentally handicapped, he wore second hand but sophisticated clothes, elegantly greeting all passersby.

Schone Naci, who was a real man in Bratislava. Poor and mentally handicapped, he wore second hand but sophisticated clothes, elegantly greeting all passersby.



We got back on the road, and I decided that this time I would actually get some sleep. The constant activity and late nights every night were starting to catch up to me by this point. I did get a little bit of sleep before we stopped in the No-Man’s-Land area between Slovakia and Hungary. Unfortunately, construction did not permit us to get where we intended, so we bought lunch at a grocery store and ate in the parking lot:

please, ignore that my mascara is destroyed.

please, ignore that my mascara is destroyed.

After lunch, we headed on to Budapest and I tried really hard to sleep. It didn’t happen, but it didn’t end up being too far to Hungary and the sights were quite pretty. When we got there we took our bags up and then went out into the city. We started at Heroes Square, but didn’t actually take photos here until the next morning. We walked down to the House of Terror, which is another tribute to Communism and the era of Nazi reign. Found this really cool visual of the ‘Iron Curtain’:

It has been way too long since I had one of Julian's amazing hugs.

It has been way too long since I had one of Julian’s amazing hugs.

And of course, the last two from team Hoffbrauhaus

And of course, the last two from team Hoffbrauhaus

After that, we headed back to the hotel to freshen up (it was HOT in Budapest and sweat happens) and then off to a walkabout dinner. Tavis and I went to this Italian place, mostly because I was not feeling adventurous due to my stomach still being on the fritz. I got plain old spaghetti, but Tavis got brave and got lobster expecting to see this:


[BUT] ended up getting THIS:


And not having a clue how to actually eat it. I didn’t know what to tell him to do, because I don’t eat shellfish. They’re gross. He ate his pasta just fine, but when that man tried to eat this claw… it was like nailing jello to a tree. I think he ended up dropping it in the end. I laughed hard enough to irritate the couple next to us trying to enjoy a romantic dinner. whoops.

We went as a group to this bar after dinner. It was this super cool, eclectic, hot mess of a bar that I wish I had actually been awake enough to enjoy. I was so tired that I actually fell asleep in a chair watching some sort of soccer reels. So we ended up taking a cab back relatively early and I passed out as soon as we got back.  I think it was for the best, but I wish I could’ve stayed in Budapest and gone back another night.


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