Ready, Set, Tell Some Stories (Trip Days 1and2)

Tonight I made dinner. Shocking, right? Me. In a kitchen.

Anticlimactic, I know.

Anyway, back to the WW grind in real life. No more breakfasts made of crumpets and croissants with nutella. I made skinny burritos tonight, from a recipe I borrowed (and changed) from SkinnyMom. These were YUMMY! Very flavorful and super filling, with that naughty creaminess that is a no-no on most people’s WW tracker.

Skinny Turkey and Black Bean Burritos


1lb ground turkey
~1c. coarsely chopped onion
1 pkt taco seasoning
1/2 c taco sauce
3/4 c salsa of choice
1 c rinsed black beans
1 can fat-free cream of chicken soup
3/4 c fat-free sour cream
4 oz Monterey jack shredded cheese
8 whole wheat tortillas

  • Brown turkey with onions and taco seasoning
  • combine soup, sour cream, taco sauce in bowl
  • use enough of soup mixture to coat bottom of 9×13 pan thoroughly
  • remove turkey/onion mixture from heat and add black beans and salsa
  • add apx 5 TBSP of meat mixture to each of the 8 tortillas
  • roll tightly and place in pan flap down
  • cover with remaining soup mixture
  • top with shredded cheese
  • bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes

These are super delicious. They taste like something I shouldn’t have eaten, but for only 8pp! Well worth the points spent. I’ll be taking leftovers to work tomorrow to share with my WW at work homies.

Tight roll these suckas like they're your jeans in '89.

Tight roll these suckas like they’re your jeans in ’89.

See? Don't these look like you should feel guilty?!?

See? Don’t these look like you should feel guilty?!?

Okay, so I promised some story telling, right?

I made a bit of an outline for my trip: partly so I don’t retell the same story over and over and partly so that I don’t miss the important things. I want to start from the beginning:

Three flights straight from hell.

My flight plans looked like this: Cincinnati (CVG)->Chicago (ORD)-> Dublin (DUB)-> London(LHR). The problems started in Cincy. Which was by far the nicest of all of the above mentioned airports. Great wi-fi, for free. Charging ports, usb and outlets for every seat. GOOD food. The problem that started the trip was a delay. No big deal really, but it was just frustrating. They didn’t communicate with us at all so we had NO IDEA what was going on. Got to ORD. My super long layover was cut shorter, since I spent that time in CVG. Bonus.

I got to listen to some American, Elvis-impersonating, cowboy douche bag rant about American politics; including immigration, gun control and welfare. It was not enough that Cleetus would NOT hush, he was being so loud and directing his rant to these 4 Irish young adults who could not have possibly cared less. This guy was seriously so ridiculously ignorant, flinging pejorative terms and ignorance like a monkey flings poop. This is America, so yes, please have your opinions, however, spewing them coarsely and at the top of your lungs in a crowded airport terminal is not appropriate.

Anyway, then we boarded our flight to Dublin. Where the toddler in front of me screamed. The entire flight. I felt so bad for his parents, they were trying everything. And God bless the AerLingus staff. They gave this poor kid everything they had. I can’t even say I was mad, just desperate for some sleep.

Flight from DUB to LHR was quick, but the 8-year-old who kicked my seat like a walking stereotype almost didn’t live to see his 9th birthday.

When I escaped the plane, and was free in Heathrow, I realized that Steph and I never really coordinated where we were going to meet. So I went outside the car pick up, Steph went inside to the terminal. And we waited. For about 25 minutes. At which point I thought it would be logical to go check inside one more time before staging a mental break down over being overseas with no means of communicating with her. And we found each other!

Off to the house after I got a good snuggle in with Nannerbelle while we were looking for the place to pay parking. Switched from my big suitcase to my backpack. And then loaded up the car to drive to Belton to James’ parents’ home.

This is the only really gripey post I will make. Promise. After Steph and I found each other, the entire 21 days were perfection! So stick with me! That was just day 1.


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