G is for Good Golly this is Good Goulash

I made some yummy things this week. I want to share with you, tonight’s dinner.

While in Budapest, I bought a few different types of Hungarian paprika. Paprika is, more or less, a staple of Hungarian cuisine. The word is actually Hungarian (go figure) for pepper. Goulash is a specialty of the country that is widely popular in Albania, Austria, Germany, Italy, Kosovo and a bulk of the Slavic region. It is a stew made of beef, seasoned primarily with paprika, served on or with dumplings (bread or potato), rice, noodles or potatoes.

I found a traditional recipe, that I had to use Google Translate to convert from Hungarian. Here is the short version of it:

Veggie oil
stew beef
tomato paste or sauce

I added:
broccoli stem
and mashed cauliflower

Browned the onions in the oil:



Remove onions from Dutch oven, leaving  remaining oil. Cube Beef, roll in spice mixture and brown in onion oil in the Dutch oven:


I don’t love handling large pieces of raw meat. Don’t know why. Don’t care.


Oooooo and we have the beginnings of a lovely sauce.

Add in chopped veggies, water and tomato sauce. I listed broccoli stem. Allow me to explain: If you take the broccoli stem and peel it THOROUGHLY, chop it and cook it, it is textured like potatoes, without the high carb content.


Bit too soupy to be a stew. Good thing it still has about an hour and a half of simmering left to do.

Allow to cook until meat is tender (and also the veggies we snuck in). Prepare mashed potatoes. (I’m using mashed cauli)


Quite simple to make: Chop cauliflower, boil it until softish, mash it. I added a touch of butter, salt, chives and garlic.


Serve together, garnished with sour cream (not pictured).

I’m quite pleased with my dinner. I wish I had another person’s opinion to give you, but I’m dining solo this evening. I don’t like to be alone, to be honest, but I’m going to do my best to enjoy having the house to myself.

Tomorrow, I get to participate in fitness screenings for the FABULOUS athletes preparing to compete in the Special Olympics. I hope to have some photos to share with you after, but that all depends and how the day goes. I hope you are all enjoying your Friday night!


2 responses to “G is for Good Golly this is Good Goulash

  1. Ooo! THat sounds yummy! And healthy with the cauliflower instead of potatoes. I started my diet yesterday, and I’m not eating hardly any carbs now. Completely cut out bread and potatoes.

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