A Really Good Weekend.

You guys know I’m a bit of a homebody.

I like to stay home and do old lady-ish things as opposed to going out. I like to cook, quilt, garden, craft, and read. Not this weekend, though…

I was supposed to attend a wedding reception Saturday evening, but was presented with an opportunity to go camping to see the Aurora Borealis. The AB is a naturally occurring phenomena that causes a light display in the sky, particularly in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions, caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere. Most of the time a pricey international trip is required to catch a glimpse. I have been considering trips to Norway or Iceland to see them. Even with a trip you’re not guaranteed to see them. Hence, phenomena.

This is the forecast for Saturday:

See?! It was like a special showing just for us!

See?! It was like a special showing just for us!

Therefore, upon receiving the opportunity to see them here, I jumped. (So sorry, Tony and Kristen!) I took a wonderful road trip into Indiana with a new friend, Jimmy. It included a bunch of deer, one normal wild turkey and one that was the size of an ostrich. I’m not kidding:

I don’t really know why Jeff Francoeur showed up, but I’m not bothered by it.

Jeff sure can handle that freak-bird.

Jeff sure can handle that freak-bird.

Anyway. I camped. Outside. It was cold. I did have a bathroom, thank the Lord and Alexander Cummings. I liked camping. Hot (chocolate) Totties kept us warm. Our view of the legendary Northern Lights wasn’t the full-blown night rainbow we might have seen further North, but it was mind-blowing nonetheless. Instead of the bright green, blue and red, we got to see this really eerie, silvery shape slither across the sky. I couldn’t get a good image of it, as my Nikon was being stubborn. This is the only photo that came out and I’m pretty sure its a distortion of a light:

By 'pretty sure' I mean, 'Hey, this is a distorted light'.

By ‘pretty sure’ I mean, ‘Hey, this is a distorted light’.

We took an unintentional detour though Madison, Indiana which is a beautiful, picturesque little town. It was just full of really pretty historic houses and brownstones that sat right on the street. I think I’ll be needing to go back and explore.


Then we ate pizza that was delicious.

After that I got to go to Bernheim Forest and watch my pup boss EVERYONE around, after developing an obsession with my coworkers son. Over the course of 2 hours-ish at the park and the tick inspection afterwards, I picked 14 ticks off of Howard and 3 off of me. That part of the weekend was not awesome.

I’m less than 2 lbs away from having lost 10% of my total body weight. I’m back in my little pants. I tried on clothes, and they fit. I’m leaving for three weeks of incredible in 16 days. Guys, I’m happy. I’m a happy camper, quite officially now that I have actually camped. I can’t believe how blessed I am.


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