I’m always late.

When those who know me best invite me to an event or gathering, they lie to me. They tell me that whatever-it-is starts at 7 when it really starts at 7:30, because they know I’ll show up between 7:15 and 7:30. In my defense, it isn’t my fault. I am physiologically incapable of timely arrival. Consult my mother. I was even born a week late. So there. Solid, concrete, irrefutable argument.

I say that because I’m late on my update. Again.

I didn’t weigh-in on 3-21. I completely blanked and wore something other than my weigh-in outfit to work… after having worn it every Thursday since the first week of January. I don’t know why. I did, however, remember last week: 3-28. I’m down 3 more pounds! Total loss since January 3 is 16 lbs. I’m not exactly sitting on Biggest Loser potential, but I’m pumped. After months of teeny tiny losses and gains that made ZERO sense, I’m dropping real weight!

I’m down 2 pants sizes. My cute underthings fit again! I don’t feel super awkward in pants that sit on my hips. If you’ve never been fat, you don’t get that last one. When you’re fat and you wear low-rise pants, they cut just underneath your belly. That leads to this:

doesn't count as 'hour glass' shaped

doesn’t count as ‘hour glass’ shaped

And this:


Ever been to Wal-Mart?

annnnnd THIS:

My Job is in PHYSICAL therapy. It includes squatting, climbing, reaching, and sometimes sitting in the floor. This is not okay at work.

I’m not making fun of the people in these pictures to make myself feel good. They just happen to be perfect examples of wearing clothes that are NOT made for your body type. If you are curvy, and have a belly, booty or muffin top, you have to wear pants that accommodate that belly, booty or muffin top. Jeans that sit just above your pubic bone do NOT fit into that category.

Tangent aside.

I’m back in some of my jeans. My old fattish jeans are my new skinny jeans. That makes me giggle a little.

I leave for London to see Steph, Nannerbelle and Tracey in ONE month.

Just one more month.

I’m so freaking pumped, its unreal.

I’m also almost at my -10%. Get ready for it!

Also read a fun fact while watching a documentary on Netflix: In concern to on-line dating: Women’s primary concern is meeting a serial killer. Men’s primary concern is meeting a fat girl. I’ve decided to become a serial killer and then sign up for online dating sites. Teach these men some stinking priorities.


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