My Song of Current Obsession and Which Part Speaks to Me.

Let me tell you about me and music. We’re inseparable. I HATE not having music in the background of everything I do. I heard this song by the Avett Brothers on my way to work on Monday and I canNOT take it off repeat. To me, which could be different than the authors’ intent, it’s different parts are about different times in your life. I find myself very emotionally connected to this song.

My favorite line?

“Wouldn’t it be fine to stand behind the words we say, in the best of times.
Oh, and you and I know, all too well, about the hell and paradise right here on earth”

Give them a listen and fall in love along with me. Their music takes me from the semi-jaded, all-too-vocal cynic that I feel like daily and makes me dance around, floating like the tender-hearted dreamer I  was as a kid. See? Don’t I even sound all ethereal and dreamy?

On a parting note, before I leave you with the song, If Seth Avett ever gets divorced or (God-forbid) widowed, I’m moving to North Carolina to stalk him.


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