It’s All in the Attitude… I Guess.

Okay. I really haven’t had time to post this past week. I’ve really been busting my hump at the gym… I mean seriously: 90 minutes to 2 hours every day. Not to mention, I had a moderate gain last week and I really didn’t want to talk about it. I guess now it’s time. I gained .6 lbs last week. I’m sure it was because I was being a little sloppy with my measurements.

So this week I was really on my game. I measured and counted everything. For real, counting the number of chips and almonds. Leveling off my tablespoons. Replacing simple carbs with veggies, protein and complex carbs. Add that to the amount of gym time I’m putting in, and I was expecting a decent loss.

Yeah? You would be too? Well, I didn’t. I lost 1.4 and that was after having some stomach issues that should have caused an increased loss. Whatever though. I am frustrated. If I’m putting in this much effort, I really want results that reflect that. It kind of compounds the problem that there are SEVERAL people who are dropping 4-5 lbs a week and (on their admission) aren’t doing ANY kind of activity.

The argument of “Muscle Gain” isn’t valid, because the human body doesn’t build muscle very quickly. UGH. I’m not quitting though.

So, whatever. I’ll see you next week when I have a better attitude.

8lbs down.


2 responses to “It’s All in the Attitude… I Guess.

  1. I lost 30 pounds in a week. You’ll never beat that! Haha.

    But seriously, I think you’re doing great! So much better than I am. I’m still thinking of every excuse I can to put off dieting :/ I’m running out of time here, since I have to go back to work in a few weeks and I’ll have to do PT then.

    • Don’t you challenge me! I will be preggers one day, and now beating that record can be my goal! (as if nothing else would be on my mind…)

      I’m going to try to be online some this weekend so I can see that little bebe… I’ve barely been home all this week!

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