Good Results from a Bad Week

May I preface this post by justifying my bad week?

My family is out-of-town, we live in a house that is WAYYYY too big for one person. Especially if that person is hyper aware of every sound, shadow and squeak of the floor. I hate being in a house alone. I slept with a slew of deadly weapons within reach of whatever appendage my feared intruder was unable to wrangle. I also ate a little of my anxiety, not all, but some. That some included an entire double-decker box of Whitman’s assorted chocolates, Mexican food (spread out as a side dish in 5 meals, three handfuls of Cheetos, and peanuts (before i inspected the nutritional info…yikes).

Not all of that was one day, mind you. Still though, by my standards, that’s a pretty sloppy week. I had some redeeming moments, too.

At my weigh-in, I was still down a pound. Yay!

So speaking of my redeeming moments:

I love soup. Veggie. Tortilla. Italian. Pho. Chicken noodle. Chili. I just love it! When I was overseas a couple of years ago England introduced me to blended soups:

Simple, Make soup. Grind soup to smooth. Eat delish soup.


What I love about it is that you get all of the yummy nutrition and I don’t have the urge to pick around any of the veggies that I don’t find as palatable. So I made this awesomely unattractive, but still super tasty, 10 vegetable blended soup. In it I put these 10 veggies:

Green Peas
Green Beans
Lima Beans
Red Potatoes

I had that as a side with lunch and dinner for every single meal since Monday. I feel less bad about my bad decisions now.


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