Oh, the Blessings that God Gives…

Today, I have a Goddaughter.

I’m pretty excited, because I’ve never been named Godmother to any of my friends’ children before. I have a feeling that the reason behind this, is that I didn’t have any Catholic friends until I started the job that I’m at now. I just suppose that is a side effect of being raised in a primarily protestant community.


Back on point.

Webster’s defines a Godmother (or Godparent in general) as someone established in faith who sponsors the child by making a profession of said faith for the child at his or her baptism. [Oh, yes, I did my research!] The God parents are also responsible for taking up the responsibility of  helping the child grow in their faith if their parents should neglect or be unable to do so. Another reference states that the Godparents are responsible for raising the child if some fatal tragedy should befall the parents. Somehow, I think that the 6 grandparents that little Annabelle has been blessed with would have something different to say about that!

Anywho. I don’t know if it is the honor that has been bestowed upon me, by the lovely Stephuhlee, or if it is that I don’t have any kids of my own to fawn over, not counting Howard of course, but I’m enamored with this baby:


I get to meet her in 99 days. That’s wayyyy too far away. Until then I will pacify myself by buying  her load of gifties to take with me when I go! I can’t tell you what I’ve already gotten her, because then it won’t be a surprise because I just KNOW Steph will tell her…. Oh, and I’ll be singing this song: (I know the lyrics make no sense, get off my back, okay?)


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