To Be or Not to be Redundant…

Please allow me to tell you the five newest reasons that I am LOVING Weight Watchers™.

1) I can eat enough to keep me satisfied all day. Not just enough to keep me from being malnourished, but enough that I don’t cry and fight the urge to pull in to every fast food place I drive past.

2) The community makes me happy. Even though I haven’t been to my second meeting, I am pushed to do better. I am using the ActiveLink™ activity monitor. I’m still technically in the evaluation phase… which means that I am supposed to maintain the same activity level that I’ve had for the past few months so it can establish a reliable baseline. I. Am. Dying. I want to push myself physically, not just nutritionally. That’s out of the ordinary… I would normally enjoy this last reprieve from labor.

3) Grilled cheese is 4 PointsPlus values. Suck. On. That.

4) I drank wine on Saturday night and had a little touch of sour stomach on Sunday. Instead of feeling pressured to eat this or do that… I ate what my topsy-turvy tummy wanted, counted the points, and stayed completely within the bounds of my plan.

5) I have eaten fresh fruits and veggies with every meal since Thursday evening and drank my own personal ocean in water. Even if I don’t climb on the scales to reveal a 27.2 lb weight loss this Thursday night, I still feel victorious. I am eating better and more consciously, so I win.

If anyone out there is doing this with me, drop me a line! Especially if you’re utilizing the WW eTools™… Eventually you might want or need a cheerleader, and I want to be that for someone! Weight Watchers™ is a wonderful plan, but people are what make it amazing.

Love you guys!
Sara Jo


2 responses to “To Be or Not to be Redundant…

  1. I have actually made it a point that when I return from my trip (leaving in a week) that I will be going to WW. I’ve been researching them for too long now to not sign up. I have about 25lbs that I desperately want to lose and I think they’re the best way for me to do it. I know you made this post months ago and I still have plenty of reading to do on your blog (going chronologically), but I hoped it worked/works for you!

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