Yes. I’m Pouting. -_-

Today, my best friend at work celebrated her last day in our facility. I’m super excited for the opportunities that have been presented to her. I’m also super selfish. And childish. And Pouty.

You know what I mean? Not the cute pout that girlfriends use to make their boyfriends go buy them another ice cream cone. No. I don’t have one of those. My sister does. She can get our father to give her anything she wants. I can’t even pout the lady at the mall into offering me a sample of her delicious bourbon chicken.

See this? This will get her all the icecream she wants… though from the looks of her, it isn’t much.

No. My pout is ugly. I have enough chins to build a staircase into the stratosphere. That’s the point where God looks at my pout and says, “Oye vey. Not my best work.”

THIS is what my face looks like. You might think its a dude being presented with a catfish, but this is my actual face, right now.

You know those girls… the ones who try to make ugly faces for a photobomb and they end up being called ridiculously photogenic girl, version 2.0. I hate them. And now I don’t feel like going to work tomorrow ever again. UGH. Someone, please bring me some ice cream.


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