The Bi-Polar Peacoat.

Now, before you guys go telling me that this isn’t a Pinterest worthy project, I’m not done. I’m just excited like a kid on Christmas. Like how they rip through paper, ribbon, and duct tape (that’s normal, right?) like they are little, travel-sized super heroes. They trudge through socks and underwear and church clothes until the get that one thing… for me it was a microscope / disection kit when I was like 10. I was weird, I know. Spare me the lecture, but I spent upward of 129 straight hours investigating the microscopic properties of every food and fiber in our house.

Anyway. Flashback aside. I was too excited about the near completion of one of the more challenging projects I’ve ever had. I spent most of Wednesday night crying over button holes. My machine hates me apparently. Every time I used my machine to do a button hole on my scraps, they were picture perfect. Then, as soon as I lowered the foot onto my actual project, it would eat these unsightly holes in my garment. So needless to say, you won’t get a single closeup of that particular stitching.

Let’s get down to it though! I’ve told you all about the work, but you have no clue as to what my project is! Here is my starting point:

3XL men’s hoodie, Clearanced for $6.99

Now, I am an impulse buyer, which means that I saw this much material for such a price and I HAD to have it. So I bought it. I thought I could cut it up and downsize it for a project. Be low you will see the cuts I decided to make. But note that I didn’t cut any material out of the waist’s circumference… I wanted it to be too big there so it would overlap and button on one side.

I’ve never sewn pockets before. But you know that, if you’ve read my other sewing projects. 95% of everything I’ve ever sewn is logged in the blog. However, after the disasters that were my buttonholes, I really wanted to do something to give my wrapping jacket a pop! I decided pockets probably weren’t THAT difficult, so I started to sketch out a pattern:

I had to redraw this at least 7 times. What was my scale you ask? My cell phone… What is a pocket if it can’t hold my phone?!

Now: Here is the reason I called this the bipolar peacoat: I was so giddy about how well I though my pockets turned out that I was jumping and laughing, especially considering what a traumatic experience trying to make a few freaking buttonholes was. Check this shiznit out:

I’m not saying that these are professional-seamstress-who’s-been-sewing-nothing-but-pockets-for-forty-years kind of quality. Give me a little gold star though, they’re pretty for being my first…

Here is my nearly finished project, I’m still going to add a few more details but over all I really love it. I can’t wait to wear it with some saucy little combat boots. Oh and for future reference, you may call me the pocket master.

Ta-Da! (hold the applause, really, you’re too kind!)





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