Faking It.

I’m not good at feigning interest in people or conversations in whom or which I find none. If I were to have been active in society in one of Jane Austen’s novels, I would have certainly not been like the ever forbearing and long-suffering Anne Elliot in Persuasion. I just can’t do it.

Why am I telling you this? Because it directly relates to my last post. I have not been able to be present in anything since I booked this trip. All I keep thinking is, “I can’t wait until I get paid this week, so that I can pay off part of my trip and my credit card (on which I put my air fares)”. Or thinking about what I would like to do in each of those fabulous cities. Or if I will meet anyone interesting over there. Or cheese fries. (that’s only because I’m trying to eat healthily, so of course, my entire being is dying to have some that junk food to which it is grown accustomed.)

So speaking of short attention spans. I got a spam comment from someone (a computer most likely) named Scullery Leather Credit Card Bill Clip Ostrich Sausage. It really made me laugh. In fact, it made me laugh almost enough to approve it as a comment.

I purposely mispronounce “Acai”, as in Acai berries. I know that it’s pronounced Ah-si-ee, but I always feel so pretentious. So I say Ah-ki. It makes me feel trapped between a rock and a hard place: sound pretentious or sound ignorant. ugh.

If I had a plate of biscuits and gravy in front of me right now, I would motor boat it.

When typing my last post, abroad started to look funny. So I looked it up on 4 different dictionary/pronunciation sites, to convince myself that it wasn’t a word I made up.

My left foot is asleep.

I wonder if it will be too muddy to go to the Louisville Irish Festival at Bellarmine tonight?

I wonder if the capital of Peru is Lima because Peru is sort of shaped like a bean.

I kind of wish that I had some race to my credit, other than white. I mean I’m a British Isle mutt, but what about something with some melanin?

Who made up the word “biscuit?”

Alright, normal people, out there: welcome to 53 seconds in my brain. This is what happens when I’m forced to have an interaction with someone who is uninteresting. I wish someone would prescribe me adderall.

I wonder if that would make me skinnier…


4 responses to “Faking It.

      • As most of the people I mention it to have never heard it said, but have seen the word in grocery stores and the like, I tend to say “I discovered I’m allergic to keen-wah, you know that grain stuff in the health food section thats spelled like quinn-oh-ah?” In my mind I still read it as the latter, but discovered the correct way to say it before ever uttering the word myself. Either way, people rarely have a clue what I am talking about lol.

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