A Broad, Abroad

I’m going overseas again in about five months and I am so ding-dang excited that I can hardly focus on anything else! I booked all of my flights, and hotels and such on 9/22, spending a VAST sum of money in about 2 hours. It hurt. Bad. The fun part was: September 22 was five months, to the day, before I leave.

I feel like I am a little weird about travelling. I could not care less about finding a beach or a mall. I don’t like the sun. I also have a slight aversion to spending my own money. No, no, no. When I travel, I like to find new food or teas or coffee shops. I like to walk around with my neck broken, staring at the architechture. I honestly don’t know a single thing about gothic vs reformation vs medieval. I just know that I am consumed by the expanse of these lovely, old buildings. I like to walk around and watch the locals, debating between pretending to be one of them and reveling in the fact that I’m not, which makes me the special one. Habitual mannerisms and ways of relating, physically and emotionally, are so distinct among cultures. I supposed that is where we derive our stereotypes from. I also love history. I am facinated with the World Wars, and (morbid as it may be) genocides.

In my future travels, I will get to go to a concentration camp, stand on (or near) a portion of the actual Berlin wall and walk through a city that was rebuilt from her own remains after complete destruction in WW2. I will also get to eat schniztels, and sausages and who knows what else! Lord have mercy, if I can just make it till Feb/March! England, Germany, Czech Rep., Slovakia, and Hungary: Here I come!

Now, I just have to pay off the credit card bill and save up some spending money! …..anyone want to buy one of my kidneys?

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Prague Castle, Mala Strana, Prague

Hoffburg Imperial Palace, Vienna

Cityscape, Bratislava

Hotel Victoria, Budapest


2 responses to “A Broad, Abroad

  1. I’m super excited to see you!!! James said there is a lot to see around where he hopes to get posted (still haven’t been told for sure yet…but hopefully we will know today!). All small town/village stuff, so I’m sure you will love it. And I’ll try to find a local coffee/tea shop for you 🙂

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