Anchors Aweigh!

Here we are… I’m crafting to keep my mind and hands busy. Busy hands = an increase in dopamine production…. if you know what I mean… wink wink. Oh? You don’t? How strange. Well, in all reality I don’t either. I did go to a continuing education course on the brain and how it handles stress, among other things. Anyway, I’m avoiding dwelling on stress, heartbreak and just a general case of the boredom blues by making things for wayyyyy cheaper than I could buy them!

I don’t have a step by step, because I was being a little bit of a mid-breakup sour-puss. But I’ll outline the basics. Some family recently bought a condo in northeastern Florida. In helping them decorate the two guest rooms in a shipsy-nautical manner, I realized that nautical decor (porthole anything, captain’s wheels, maps, etc.) is freaking, outrageously expensive!

Really, Navy PX? $400 for  a SMALL ship’s wheel, porthole clock? No.

So I made these two mirrors:

Mirrors on clearance for ~$18

20′ of rope, adhesive and sanding block ~$16

Spray paint, sanding block, various hardware… ~$11

For the rope mirror, I used a coarse sanding block to give the adhesive something to grab. Cut the rope into segments using a knife. And…. glued it on… groundbreaking, I know.

Three small, tight figure 8 knots pinned down, because the glue wasn’t dried yet… But this is the finished product.

For the faux porthole, I used a fine grain sanding block to make my surface more paint-friendly. I taped it off, painted it, and drilled holes for the hardware. I used leftover glue from  the rope mirror to really set my hardware:

Taped and sanded.

All done and ready to hang!

I can’t wait to make it back down to Florida to hang these babies up! I’m going to dwell on that for a while. It’s late and I’m going to go cuddle with my pink eye, puppy. I swear. This dog is the sickliest animal I have ever seen:

Your daily serving of nastiness.


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