Shirley Temple-esque Dress.

I’m PMSing this week. I ‘m saying that because I know that there aren’t a lot of men out there who read blogs centered on crafts, cooking and  the mental ramblings of a girl. That being said, I am a little irritable this week, with absolutely EVERYONE. Around this time, every month, I get weepy and introspective. This month I’m deciding to DO something about all of the things that continue to surface. I’m going to be starting my own Happiness Project. I find that I’ve lost so much of what makes me…. ME, in the last ~2 years. More on that later, though.

Tonight, I have a sassy new upcycle for you! Before I even start, I’m going to apologize. I SUCK so bad at taking ‘before’ pictures. I always forget until I’m halfway through each project. So I have a bunch of boring words for you, until I show you my finished project. I bought a muumuu. Yes. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a lovely sack-dress, with a pretty pattern and interesting lattice stitching on the bodice portion of the sack.

I took the dress in on the sides, enough to make the bodice defined and fitted. I took the sleeves off and hemmed the holes. Lastly I chopped about 16″ off the bottom to give it some nice summer appeal. This is where I ended the project:

Gimme a hair cut and I’ll start singing about animal crackers and soup

I love, loveeeeeee the pockets! I can’t wait to wear this to Waterfront Park and enjoy some shaved ice and sunshine. What are you doing to improve yourself this week?


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