High Waisted Pants into a Summer Time Skirt

So, I found these atrocious plaid pants at the thrift store. I thought originally that they might be cute as shorts, but the waist line was so high that  I would have had to cut it off and make a new one… I was a little worried that was beyond my scope of experience. Unfortunately, I already own these ugly things so now I have to figure something out to do with them.

Sexy, huh?

Since the crotch of these pants seems to be the epicenter of my problem, I decided to remove it. Now, don’t think I’m getting all weird, I’m not talking about making a pair of crotchless pants. I decided to make a skirt! I started by cutting off the pants not too far below the offending area.


After that I had to make a new seam, because leaving the original inseam would look very strange…

The new seam runs just next to the scissors.

I’ve got to be honest. This is absolutely the BEST thing to come off my sewing machine, ever. I’m a little bit in love and I can’t wait to wear this on the beach!

Finished Product!

I also decided to make a matching headband with the left over material! Ahhhhhhh It’s so good to have my mojo back again!

Elastic and all.

On my head.

Have a lovely Sunday! I’m off to eat my hummus!


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