Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Clay Matthews

Yesterday evening was absolutely the most fun I’ve ever had so far in 2012! I mean, how can you not have an absolute blast when making insanely over-the-top clothing and letting total strangers throw black light paint at you while you come close to freezing to death?!
But in all seriousness, I went to DayGlow with some friends and had an incredible time dancing until my legs felt like noodles. Let me share with you the aftermath of such a night:

About half of the group...

AshBash and I were a bit slap happy by this point...

I'm keeping this shirt FOREVER.

This shirt took me all of about 10 minutes to slice up but it was the most fun piece of clothing that I’ve ever worn. The strips bounce and twirl more than any girl could ever hope for! Wearing this shirt made standing still, even for just a second, impossible.

On another note. I think someone is trying to tell me that I’m a “gone-er” because I’ve found two dean animals outside my apartment in one week. First off, a solidly frozen bullfrog, which should be well into hibernation by now.

He's croaked... har har har

Second deadie was a dead cardinal bird this morning. From a reasonably short distance, it looked perfectly fine… you know, aside from being dead.

Better Dead than Red? How is it to be dead AND red??

If the mob is indeed trying to send me a message, I think the message must be that the economic recession is hitting EVERYONE hard. Any who, I just finished making a dish of cereal bars to have for breakfast this week.

Now, I claim no credit for this idea, as I blatantly stole it from a lovely lady that I met at football party… Yes, I’m telling you that the only think I took away from watching an entire football game was a recipe and the realization that Clay Matthews is quite attractive, if only in a Nordic-Caveman sort of way. I don’t think I would be surprised to see him lumbering around with a club dragging the ground.

Someone get him a loin cloth, a horned helmet and an ax.

Okay! Okay! Back on topic! The cereal bars! No real recipe. They are just Rice Crispy Treats, with Cinnamon Toast  Crunch instead.

6 c. Cinnamon Toast Crunch (or whatever cereal you prefer, I suppose)
2T. Butter
10.5oz. Mini Mashmallows.

Get. In. Mah. Belleh!

Heat the butter and the marshmallows in the microwave for 3 minutes. Take it out and mix in cereal. Quickly pour it into a greased pan and let set. Super yummy! It’s such a quick and yummy breakfast, though not terribly healthy. On that note, I feel as though I should disclose to you that I have two recipes that I will be trying this week, and they are both fatty, fat, fat, fat food. You’ve been warned, but I’ve had a heck of a desire to make sweets this week…

Until then, loves, do take care.


9 responses to “Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Clay Matthews

  1. Oh, that looked like fun! I never got to go to anything like that before I moved 😦
    And those cereal bars look amazing. I will have to make them next time we have a get-together at my house. Maybe I’ll use lite butter though. Haha.

    • Ahhhhh that would be because I’ve been moving, helping my sister move to Texas(yee-fricken-haw) and working on a few new projects… I’m trying to learn how to alter clothing… well. I was inspired by 49dresses on blogspot and Then I almost cut off my thumb… But I will definitely be back soon,,,

      I also had a short term secret blog baby, that has now grown wings and flown away, but that’s all I can say about that here.

      • No way!

        Two completely different babies… Like that handsome little chunk Miles and your precious fox/dog hybrid…

        I’m in the process of making my way back now though… trying my hand at quilting!

      • Ah, quilting. It’s one of those thing that can be so fun one minute, but the second something goes wrong the whole idea of quilting suddenly seems absurd and you wonder why you even tried in the first place.

      • I’m not going all fancy… none of these teeny, tiny scraps… just a very simple pattern of 3×3 squares…


        And a t-shirt quilt to get all of those BCHS shirts out of my valuable drawer space!

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