Orange You Impressed?

Cardigan Weather broke a reading record yesterday. 113 readers in 24 hours. It made me so happy that I decided to post something fun for you to try in the lull of your Saturday afternoon tomorrow. Happy Friday the 13th, lovely readers:

Did you know that you can make a candle out of an orange? Well, guess what. You most certainly can. Let’s start with clementines… Mostly because the are smaller and cheaper than navel oranges. I tend to mess things up for the first 5 or 6 times, so I decided to start small.

Behold: your standard clementine.

Slice your little clemmy just through the skin all the way around.

Run your finger under the peel, but try not to break into the fruit, all the way around. Your goal is to separate the peel from the fruit without damaging it.Pop the top half of the clementine peel right off, this should be the side where the knob that attached the fruit to the tree appears.

Ta-Da!Repeat the process with the bottom half. Be very careful not to pop the peel off, you need to keep enough of the 'meat' attached to use as a wick.

**This step is easier said than done. It took me 3 tries**

Add olive oil to your bottom half.

Allow your oil to soak up through your wick for 8-10 minutes. While you're waiting move on to the next step.

Cut a hole in the top half of your peel. Yeah. I tried to be a little fancy.

Light it up... but be patient, it take a second!

From the top...

All Done!

I can’t wait to use these as a center piece the next time I have people over! They are super cute and you won’t believe how impressed people will be! Also, they smell AMAZING!

Follow me on twitter for a little advance notice on what I will be making! Share this around, so that people can see what creative interests you have! My apartment smells like a box of Tang powder, and its awesome! Someone get me a bottle of Surge and let’s talk about how dreamy Nick Carter is.

I LOVE them. Mumford is still my favorite after almost 3 years. hmm.


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