The Evening DIY That Took An Entire Week.

Alright. I think that we all know that I am a person who gets right down to business… Never distracted, and certainly not a dilly-dallier. That being said (however dripping with sarcasm it may be) this particular project took me WAY longer than I thought it would.
       This is a faux-capiz shell chandelier. Supplies needed:
– hanging plant basket, Lampshade with metal ribs, or a random piece of wall art from Target that you aren’t afraid to butcher mercilessly
-Wax paper
-a circle punch, or cutter
-parchment paper
-Spray paint
*Not Pictured*
-LOTS of ribbon
-super or hot glue
– bolt/wire cutters
-‘S’ hooks
-lightweight, decorative chain

Depending on what type of base you decided to use, you’ll need to strip it down. For a lamp shade, cut off all the material, and spray paint it a preferred color. I cut most of the layers of my wall are out, to make 5 tiers off of which to hang my strands of ‘shells’. I painted mine bronze, to take just a little bit of the stark whiteness away.

Once your base is readied, cut your ribbons into either 17″ or 8″ lengths. 17″ if you plan to drape over your tiers in double strands, 8″ if you plan to tie off. I did the double length with a sort of faux knot:

Now you’re ready to make your ‘shells’: on a towel or ironing board lay down a length of parchment paper that is larger than your cut lengths of wax paper. I used 28″ of parchment paper and 24″ lengths of wax paper. Place 3 same-length pieces of wax paper on the 1st piece of parchment, and cover with a 2nd piece of parchment paper. Iron on low setting, just long enough to melt the wax and seal the pieces together. You can reuse your parchment paper once you finish each set of 3-layer wax paper.

You are going to need about a MILLION ‘shells’, so be prepared to be punching them out for the rest of your life.

Start on your lowest tier. Tie or slip-knot all of the ribbons for that layer. YOU SHOULD ONLY ADD SHELLS TO EVERY OTHER RIBBON. I ignored that when I did my first layer. The shells crowd each other and lay awkwardly and all clumsy-like. NOT CUTE. You can overlap or go end to end.

Don’t make all of your strands the same or you’ll end up with a blocky fixture. I wanted mine to be smooth and rounded. So I chose two numbers of shells for each layer and alternated:

This project requires a little patience…progress:

And here we are about half way:

Okay, so before I show you the finished product, please allow me to explain how I got mine to look the way it does:
the wall art I used didn’t have a really extreme DIP to give me the rounded look I wanted. So I shortened my ribbons by one shell one each of the last 3 tiers.
Howard does not appreciate me working around his nap space.
As a matter of fact, here is his new command for the month of January:

It's called, "Lay on my bed like it belongs to you, and you do me a favor by sharing it"

 Not. Howard, it’s my bed. I will NOT sleep on the floor again, even if I am disturbing you.

But in all seriousness, I LOVE this chandelier! My favorite view is with my head on my pillow, but let’s be honest… None of you have earned the right to have that view. So you shall have to settle for a close up:

Being a single woman, these DIYs always teach me something. This week it is that safety glasses should ALWAYS be worn when using bolt cutters to shorten chain. Also, having someone in the house who has the grip strength to use a pair of bolt cutters without bruising their palms is a must. I will write that into my vows one day… “in sickness and in health, you do my bolt cutting and I will fold your stained undies without making fun of them in public.” Sounds Reasonable, No?

Song of the week:


3 responses to “The Evening DIY That Took An Entire Week.

  1. That turned out really well! I had pinned one like it and tried my hand a while back. I ended up sewing my “shells” together though. And I didn’t get the circle cutter…ugh. It turned out good though. I will have to post about mine as well!

    • Yeah, Teresa! I saw the chain-piece sewed one on the Freshly Picked blog! Honestly, the only reason I didn’t do that one is because I’m extraordinarily lazy. I’m working on a quilt using brown thread and I didn’t feel like changing it out to white. I know. I’m shaming myself. Thanks for the read!

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