New Year’s Ponderings

So last year my only New Year’s resolution was to be a bit more free-spirited and not to put myself under such pressure. Mission ACCOMPLISHED! This year I have a few more on the list. I am under no illusion that I won’t falter on some (if not all) of these. But, hey, it is time my horizons were broadened:

Which will be very difficult while it stays this cold.

1.] I will log 9 miles in my running journal every week.


2.] I will stop being so lazy in the kitchen! Time to get back to cooking REAL food!

Maybe I'll shoot for something healthier...

3.] I will cook at least one completely new dish every month. (Which brings me to #4…)

Do it. Do it. Do it!

4.] I will stop neglecting my blog-child so cruelly.

*ping* *ping* *ping* *ping*

5.] I will try not to over-think so many things; men are at the TOP of that list.

Hey! I'm already halfway there!

6.] I will complete the Mini-Marathon on April 28, 2012, in NO MORE than 2.5 hours.

Someone buy me some band-aids.

7.] I will complete the sewing projects that are stacked up around my sewing machine.


8.] I will visit at least 2 new countries.

nom nom nom nom

9.] No more junk food to be kept in the house. I have no illusion that I will go the whole year without eating any, but SkinnySara will at least make it more difficult for FatSara to have her way.

ugh. I don't want to talk about my feelings.

10.] This one is a little personal; I will tell someone new that I love them. Of the 4 men who have professed their love for me, I have yet to say it back. I think it might be time to stop being so guarded and frigid.

This list is part of that last one. I am very guarded with my thoughts and feelings. I figured that a good place to start being more open was with those of you who deem my thoughts worth your time to read. So go easy on me.

Oh. And Howard says that his New Year’s resolution is to learn one new sign every month. So if you happen to come across a blog dedicated to training deaf dogs… I’d peep it. Love you all, so very, very much.

This particular trick is called Lazy-Blanket-Volcano-Puppy

Cute, But Lazy.

Favorite band of the moment, meet The Civil Wars. Band member: Not Johnny Depp, Girl with a lot of teeth.

One response to “New Year’s Ponderings

  1. If you have no goal, you’ll hit it every time. Go you, for some consideration, evaluation, and for making some adjustments. We should all be so introspective and purposeful. And if you falter, you’ve still done more than most of us!

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