It’s the simple things.

I got an email from WordPress this week that someone had subscribed to Cardigan Weather. Now, I have a few followers but they are all people that I know. This new subscriber, named hellodany, is not someone that I know, to my knowledge. Hellodany, If you are reading this and I know you, don’t tell me!

The mere thought that a stranger somewhere in the world cares about my ramblings and DIYs, well, IT MADE MY ENTIRE WEEK!

I have some fun things that I’ve made for my Halloween costumes that I will be posting as soon as I can! I am giddy to show you all what I’ve been up to! This blog keeps me sane, sometimes, when I feel like everything else I crashing down. I’m not sure why, but on a bad day I’ll search and search and search for a new DIY or recipe and being able to make it and share it with you all, it makes me happy.

So here is to a happy Wednesday, Hump Day, if you will. Tonight I’m making a clutch and a new necklace, if Michael’s has what I need!

Au revoir, mon amour. Adieu.

I’m going to marry Alejandro Manzano. He doens’t know it, but it’s going to happen. (yeah, probably not, he does have a beautiful voice, though) Go check out the music that he makes with his brothers: Boyce Avenue


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