Worth 1000 Words.

Okay. So I have some new projects, FINALLY! I found my creativity again this week after a long dry patch. These two projects aren’t the end of it, either! I have several more DYIs in the works that I’m waiting for supplies to come in the mail, and I’m working some with my big camera(NikonD50), who is called Cephus, so that I can do some photo dates soon!

My first project is a copy-cat, of course. I saw a photo of a birthday gift that a friend of mine recieved and I fell in LOVE! So here is my knock off:

-picture frame with no backing or glass
-staple gun/staples (OH NO! I’m getting dangerously close to powertools here)
-small gauge chicken wire (yeehaw!)
-mounting kit
-wire cutters

Cut your chicken wire to fit the back of your frame.


Staple your wire to the back of your frame.


My frame is rustic, unfinished wood, and Whitney's is black with silver embellishments.

I LOVE how it turned out! This project was super easy! The worst part was cutting the wire, which was tedious and pokey!

Now, my second  project is something that has been brewing in my mind for over a year now. I don’t know what has kept me from doing it though. I bought a frame that was the same design as the one that I used for the earring frame. Except that it is HUGE. 27″x38″
I didn’t photograph every step, mostly because my hands were MANGLED from the chicken wire. I stretched wire across the back of the frame, stapled and secured it on both sides, on 5 levels, spaced evenly. After I mounted it on the wall, I clipped photographs to the wires… I keep with the rustic look, I’m going to replace the clips in the picture with clothes pins at my first opportunity!

It's not everyone's taste, but once I get the right pictures in it... bam!


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