Yoga Bags and Barley Stew.

I’m not feeling very loquacious tonight, but I have severely neglected my blog so I wanted to get my latest project out there. I stole the idea for these Yoga Bags from the ever-crafty Amber…  

Cutting Mat, Rotary Cutter, Clear Grid Ruler, Standard Ruler

It was happenstance that my dessert plates are exactly 7" in diameter...

All of my cutting is done!!

 (1) 20×28 for body of bag (2) 2 5×30 strips to be sewn together to make the strap (3) 7 inch diameter notched circle for the bottom of the bag.

So let's grab a quick bite of dinner...

I LOVEEEE cereal… HoneyNut Cheerios rock my world! 

Gap left to sew in the carrying strap.

 Trying to get this right was a pain in my BUTT!

Finished Yoga bag for my Seester!

My Yoga Bag!

See? I told you I wasn’t feeling super chatty! But I’ll Tell you about the barley/veggie stew I made tomorrow!  As a tribute to Amber for giving me the idea I needed to DO SOMETHING here is a Band of Horses song that I’ve been fond of for a while… Thanks Ambro Wright!


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