Feeling A Little Crafty

So every once in a while, something comes along and lends its inspiration to you. I’ve been feeling super inspired this week so I’ve done a few things that I would LOVE to tell you about! Today, you get to see the shirt I ‘made’! I was at American Eagle on Wednesday and I couldn’t find ANYTHING at all that I liked. I was flipping through the clearance rack and found a boys’, shirt out-of-place, that I really liked… so I bought it! For $6.95!! The drawback? It was a MENS 2x… see here…

In Trying to Show That I Could Comfortably Fit Two of Me in There, I Failed to Show That It Hit Me at Almost Knee Level

 Here is a better look at the front of the shirt, complete with one eye and a DaVinci quote.

Quote at the Bottom that You Can't See Says, "The eye sees a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination awake"

I cut horizontal slits about 4″ long into the fabric spaced about 1″ apart… then I cut every other one out…

I cut the edges off so that the two sides of the shirt weren’t connected any more and then tied them together in very tight triple knots..

I made sure the knots under the sleeves were super tight so that when I cut the neck line out it would be sure not to fall too far down my arms… I cut the top from the sleeve seem to sleeve seem BARELY scooping it, just enough to get below the ring neck… and this is what I got… You’ll have to forgive me for the way I look… I hadn’t slept much in SEVERAL days! ❤

Hope you like it! And to depart, this week has been very uncharacteristic in that I’ve been listening to some country music… here is the song that has been stuck in my head on repeat… Love you Guys



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