Giorraíonn Beirt Bóthar

In the Irish language there is a saying, “Giorraíonn Beirt Bóthar”, which means ‘Two Shorten the Road’. It’s an acknowledgement that life is not about what you do, where you go or what you acquire, it’s about who you have by your side to share it with. I’ve been incredibly blessed concerning the people in my life already! There are some people who I have had to accompany me on this grand journey who are no longer sharing my road, but certainly left an impact, and I thought it would be cathartic to share them with you.

Edith Andrews Denney
If ever there was someone to whom the term “self-made” applied to, it was my grandmother. I’m always proud to consider her, not only as part of my lineage, but as part of the person that I have become. Abandoned by her mother and sisters and relatively uneducated; she made herself into a woman of a caliber that few ladies now-a-days could hope to reach. This is a pretty terrible picture of her, but it’s what I have…

She always said that she wanted me to have the necklace that she has on in that photo, and even though it isn’t worth a lot of money, it’s probably my most prized possession. Whenever I have a big day or event that I really wish she was still around for, I wear it.

Lewis Franklin Denney
My favorite thing about Frank was that he was who he was, regardless. He wore a bathrobe every year at Christmas and whenever he stoked the fire everyone giggled. He persevered for more years than I’ve been alive to overcome addictions and demons, even though any normal person would have just given up on being clean. He loved like no one else could and if you needed someone on your side, there was no one better to be found. He called me one day on my way home from work just to tell me that he loved me and that I was part of the system of encouragement that helped him stay clean.

Mary ‘Ginger’ Ballew Mills
My daddy’s sister, whom I only got the opportunity to spend time with once, was pretty incredible. She baked with me… which most people won’t do, because I don’t follow recipes. And when we had one afternoon free to spend just the two of us, we watched the movie Waitress three times in a row and now every time I experiment in the kitchen, I feel like she’s part of my inspiring force. She’s the loss that makes me a little upset. I don’t think its fair that I had so little time to get to know her. But life isn’t fair, so crying over it doesn’t do any good. She was hilarious and there is a very good story about a stuffed squirrel that I’ll have to tell some other time!

I was just having a bad day and I thought that talking it out would make me feel better. I really, really miss them. You know sometimes people come up in your thoughts or conversations during the day and they just stick with you. I think people who leave their mark on the lives of those around them should be praised and remembered.
I’m not sure how much this helped, but crying is something that has to happen on occasion and I’m trying to learn that. I hope you have people this great in your family. If not, I have a few pretty swell people alive in my life who I would be willing to share with you. Happy sailings, everyone…


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