Charming Creepers Internationally + Whole Wheat Pancakes

Okay!! So! It’s finally time for me to start sharing stories from my trip! My very best friend, Ashley Arnold, and I spent two weeks overseas in Great Britain and Ireland. It was ABSOLUTELY incredible!! The architecture alone was just completely mind-blowing. It seemed like everything over there was at least 400 years old. Scotland was the most breath-taking place I’ve ever seen. I mean, the stone walls, hills, farms, and, I guess, just the vastness of it was just astounding. In Ireland the people were all so welcoming and personal. I loved England and Wales, but the people in Scotland and Ireland were just the BEST. England was also super wonderful because I got to spend an evening of dinner and aimless wandering with, one, Ms Stephanie Richardson, soon-to-be MRS Stephanie Bentham. That was fabulous because it had been forever since we were in the same place.

Before I tell you the first of many illustrated stories, let me share tonight’s dinner with you! Tonight I had whole wheat pancakes with egg whites from scratch. Here is the recipe for the pancake mix:

2.5c whole wheat flour
.5c powdered buttermilk
3T granulated sugar
1T baking powder
1T baking soda
To make up a batch of pancakes do the following:
1c. pancake mix (rounded)
2 lightly whipped egg whites
1.5T melted butter 
2/3c water
mixed together but not overly beaten. I jumped ship on the recipe and added 1/8tsp cinnamon, 2T confectioner’s sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract, and a SMALL dash of nutmeg. Yum!

Okay so here is the first story from our trip that I though you might enjoy. I will spare you the slide shows and the typical sight-seeing, tourist things and just tell you the things that I think will put a smile on your face! Our first whole day in London, Ashley and I decided to just walk everywhere that we wanted to go! On foot, with a few detours and long-way-’rounds, we walked a grand total of 18.9 miles. The furthest destination from our hotel was the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. While we were wandering around the Tower of London we found the perfect spot to get a picture with Tower Bridge in the background. So we were trying to do the whole ‘self-portrait’ thing but we just COULD NOT get a good picture.
Here Ash and I were with this dilemma! So we decided to ask someone to snap one for us, you know, we’re all tourists and we all need pictures, and we had already helped out a few other people… So we saw this older guy walking around and asked him to take our picture…

So that is all well and good right? Yes. Except that he didn’t jus take one picture, it was 2… and then 3… and 4…. and then little commands like, “change your posture”, “smile less”, “smile more” and “look over there somewhere, away from the camera”. It was so uncomfortable and awkward!

And then after we finally commandeered Ashley’s camera back, after somewhere around 15 pictures, he made us take almost 100 more on his phone so he could “take them home and show his family”. I sincerely doubt that. After we finally tore ourselves away, he followed us around for a while, so we went all covert and started ducking around things, sprinting up stairs and jay walking in heavy traffic only to sprint back down the stairs on the other side… it was crazy!!

That first whole day in London was so PERFECT. We saw Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace and the changing of the royal guard, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Parliament, The London Eye, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, and SOHO. And we walked the WHOLE way and navigated the whole thing like adults! Woo Hoo! Until next time, please allow me to leave you with one of my favorite songs right now:


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