Things That Should Make You Jealous Of My Friends…

Okay, so today I’ve been feeling a bit ‘down’ all day long. It’s been something that I can’t shake, but I don’t even know what I’m sad about. I’m not particularly missing any one person or place. So any who, not wanting to be the person who wallows around in my mood, I just decided that I would write about  some things (mostly people, rather) that bring me great joy.

Please allow me to begin with Team Awesome:

Team Awesome at Roosters!

 Team Awesome is a pretty swell group of young ladies, if I do say so myself. We bring all the fun to the places we go and we do what we can to bring joy to other people. Let’s start on the left side of the photo above:
Ashlay- She’s totally the brains… when we walk in somewhere she makes sure we are in the right place at the right time, all the time. She is the planner and the idea-haver.
Whitnay- She is our heart. She is the one who sees other people for who they could be, instead of their status, the color of their skin, or the money in their bank account.
Carray- She is the rarity! She may not be with us all the time, but when she’s there, she’s the one all the girls wanna be and all the guys wanna be next to.
And I guess that leaves me- If I have to classify myself, I’d have to say that I am the brash, ironic silly one. I say the things that everyone else is thinking and sometimes the things that NO ONE is thinking.

In December, we (with Whit doing most of the work) threw a Christmas party at the shelter we volunteered at every Saturday. Gosh, I miss peeling myself out of bed at 4 a.m. every Saturday… Anyway! About the Christmas party:

Daddy read the Christmas stories, 

Ashley led the Christmas carols, Carrie took pictures of people who threatened her, I swatted the wandering hands of men old enough to be my father,

Brandi pointed places and made funny faces,

and Whitney orchestrated a PHENOMENAL event! Now, that definitely makes me smile! There are a few other ‘things’ that can make me smile. These “things” I’ll tell you about tomorrow. It’s about 8:30 and I’ve been sleep deprived since saturday, so I think I’ll go take off my make-up and think about going to bed. I’d like to leave you with my two favorite Florence + the Machine songs. Until tomorrow!


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