Bloody Good Dinner, Mate.

        I’ve had a hankering for something creole/Cajun for a few weeks  now and I’m not quite brave enough to subject myself to a restaurant named Joe’s O.K. Bayou. I don’t want okay. And I definitely don’t want a pseudonym as a pun. That’s literally one step away from a catering company run by Jeff Foxworthy.
        So, any who, off of that soap-box. I decided to try to make dirty rice with no recipe… dun dun dun. Now,  I know that dirty rice generally consists of  rice, chicken liver/gizzards, onions, peppers celery, etc, but I just wanted to ‘wing-it’. So here’s what I did:
Whole grain/brown rice cooked in chicken broth, chicken bullion, cayenne pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, cumin, crushed red pepper and some chives.

Next I cooked ground turkey with chopped onions, garlic, a pinch of nutmeg, peanut oil, and fresh-cut and chopped rosemary, basil and thyme…

I slipped chopping the last bunch of rosemary and dropped my RAZOR sharp butcher’s knife and tried to catch it out of reflex… the sound of the stainless steel when it hit the bone was kind of like a smothered PING.

        Okay, so I must admit that I know none of you all wanted to see that picture, but I wanted it there for dramatic effect.
        So once the turkey and onions were done, and the blood flow was well under control, I poured 1c. of hot water into the turkey pan and poured the not-quite done rice over the turkey and covered the pan to let it finish cooking.

Mom and dad came for dinner and brought green beans and biscuits leftover from Cracker Barrel. It was a wonderful dinner with my parents, who are the two best people in the world. Afterwards, we even delved into the cinnamon rolls from last night. Overall, it was a bloody good dinner, mate.


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