The Effectual Resolution of a Follicular Mishap

[to be read with an accent with a minstrel in the bg] Once upon a time, there was a lovely girl with the most wonderful of all ginger manes. She reveled in the fact that her pallor could be credited fully and completely to the genetic coding behind her fiery tresses. One day, a sorceress of coiffures cast a dastardly curse on the russet maiden, turning her redlocks to a piceous, inky mess.

 From that day forward, the lass more closely resembled a member of the undead, prowling the night for a meal of blood than a fair maiden. After nearly ten fortnight of hunting the remedy to the sorceress’ curse, she finally overcame the witch’s plague! The day was saved by trio of potions formulated mainly of sodium hypochlorite. Once again the lady was akin to the gingers of olde, nay, nary the undead.

Rejoice all ye of the fairer sex!!


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