As If You Didn’t Know…..

Apparently, the American society as a whole, excluding me of course, has forgotten that when one is involved in a traffic accident, you are expected to STOP. Not once, but TWICE this week, yours truly has been involved in hit-and-run accidents! Friday, I was more or less side-swiped and I got these lovely trophies:

^^This is the cracked directional light and the big scratch on my quarter panel ^^

^^and this is where he annihilated my side-view mirror.^^

I was fairly resigned to the fact that this sort of thing happens all the time and, considering the possibilities, it wasn’t a big deal. No one was injured, and the damage was minor… And then there was Tuesday. Tuesday, after leaving work, I was sitting at a stop light and BAM! I wasn’t really upset, and I put on my caution lights so that we could exchange insurance info. However, when I looked in my side-view (you know, the one that was still there) I see the guy back up, pull around to my left side (into the on-coming lane, mind you), flipped me the bird, and took off down a side street into the projects. Here is the lovely keepsake that he left me:

It  doesn’t look like much, but the bumper is bent downward and it won’t budge! Okay so, in a flash of wisdom, albeit brief, I decided not to chase an unknown offender through a rather nefarious part of town. I’m plagued with a disappointment in the attitude of indifference that Americans, in general, have for the property of others. All in all, it isn’t really a big deal. Merely an annoyance.

At the end of the day I still get to come home to a wonderfully sad-faced puppy, who loves me. Howard says, “Hi.”


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