You’ve Got Me In Stitches….

On this lovely Sunday morning in April, I find myself sitting on the couch with a glass of juice and a bowl of pineapple, snuggled up in my new blanket. I made this blanket to take to soccer games in support of the Columbus Crew. I’m no professional seamstress, but I have been taught to use a sewing machine once or twice, so when I say this project was simple… I actually mean it. I decided to make a fleece tie quilt, but I wanted to add some flavor. The only materials I had to purchase for this were the two colors of fleece. I also used basic straight pins, fabric scissors, and a sewing machine.

I cut an oval out of the extra yardage of both, printed lettering off of the computer and used the paper to cut letters out of the remaining extra fabric.

With the lettering pinned on to the oval, next came stitching it on… which was quite shaky in the beginning.

Once that was finished, I sewed the ovals onto their respective sides.

After all of the actual sewing was finished, I laid both sides on the floor back to back. I cut a 4-square-inch swatch out of every corner and threw them out. Lastly. I cut 1.5 inch strips, 4 inches deep all the way around, tied double, over-hand knots.

 The finished project:

What sports memorabilia shall I craft next??



2 responses to “You’ve Got Me In Stitches….

  1. Nice!!! I can’t wait to get my sewing machine up and get my quilt made. I need to convince James to buy me a sewing table. I don’t really need it but, you know, I just want one. 🙂

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